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Cathect Communications

Cathect Communications is determined to bring you high-speed internet at the lowest prices. 

Reliable, Fast and Affordable Broadband Packages with Unlimited Downloads

Cathect Internet brings you a range of reliable, fast, and affordable broadband packages. We know what connectivity means to our customers. That is why we believe in delivering the best product coupled with quick technical support to give you a hassle-free experience.


$ 71
  • Speed upto 75 MBPS​
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free Modem
  • High Speed Fiber Internet
  • High Support

Wireless 4G DATA

$ 51
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • 10 GB Downloads

The Best Choice for Internet Deals

Low-cost with unlimited downloads Internet Service Provider

We are a low-cost Internet Service Provider that is dedicated to rendering value for money to its users. Take a look at some of our offerings for insight on why Cathect Communications is the best choice for Internet deals on a residential or corporate level.

Our Policy

No Commitment, No Credit Check, No Contract

We have a no commitment, no credit check, no contract policy that allows us to reach a wider customer base. Our home internet services are some of the best in the market.

No Hidden Charges or Additional Fees

Cathect also understands your concerns regarding hidden charges or additional fees, and that’s why we have NONE! We promise to remain transparent in our pricing and product features. All you have to do is select the plan that best suits your needs.

Low Rates and Discounts

From a price perspective, we are among the top-rated ISPs who put forth such incredibly low rates and discounts!

Above all

We have a Strict Policy that Promises:
Broadbandhave a Strict Policy that Broadband:

Get connected.

Stay connected.