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Wireless Home Phone related Frequently Asked Questions

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The Wireless Home Phone service is a service offering customers a value-priced home phone
solution leveraging the cellular network. Unlike traditional home phone services, the Wireless
Home Phone does not use any interior wiring or phone jacks, but utilizes the wireless cellular
network to make and receive phone calls. By connecting a Wireless Home Phone device to a
customer’s existing regular corded or cordless telephone, all calls made on the regular phone
now take place over the cellular network instead

The only equipment that is required to order is Cathect Communications Wireless Home Phone
device. The only other equipment you need is a regular corded or cordless phone.

Most standard touch tone phones may be used. Cordless phone systems provide the most
flexibility and allow you to easily place additional handsets throughout your home. Cordless
phone systems still need to be plugged into a power outlet. During a power outage, a standard
corded phone which doesn’t require electrical power is also recommended.

No. Cathect Communications Wireless Home Phone device is not a copper wire landline. In fact,
we pride ourselves on providing reliable Home Phone service based on cellular signal that is
available in 99% of the USA, even in those parts of the country where traditional landline
providers are cutting copper cables

No. The wireless base plugs into a power outlet, and your phone plugs at the back side of the
base. No existing phone jacks are required.

No. Cathect Communications is not a VoIP provider and it does not sell internet-based voice
service. Our wireless base uses cellular signals to connect to towers near your home or business
to provide reliable local and nationwide calling service. Our system does not require an internet
connection, and is a great choice for customers who are not connected to the internet.

Our wireless home phone service doesn’t require any installation and there are never any
technicians involved. Your new wireless home phone base is easy to set up yourself.
All you need to do when you take it out of the box is raise to an upright position, plug your base
into a power outlet, and plug your phone into the back of the base. That’s it! You’re ready to
make your first call. If you need any help, our customer service representatives will be happy to
offer assistance. We’re always only a phone call away.

The best part of this wireless home phone device is that there are no additional taxes. The total
monthly bill will be $45 including taxes.

Shipping is free anywhere in the United States and takes between 5 to 7 business days.
We also offer expedited shipping for an additional fee. If you select this shipping option, your
base will arrive ready to use in 2 to 3 business days depending on how close you live to one of
our fulfillment centers.

Yes. When you check out, you’ll have the option to choose a number based on an area code. If
you can’t find a number you like, call our sales representatives at 1866-951-3352 and they will
help you find one that fits your needs.

Except for fax machines and caption phones, any corded or cordless phone compatible with a
traditional copper wire landline is compatible with our wireless base. You may use your existing
handset, In case of any issues related to connecting your phone with the landline base, please
call us any time at 1866-951-3352

Yes. You can purchase a phone with extension phones. The phone base will be plugged into our
wireless base, and the extension phones can be placed anywhere in your home.

If you plan to use your wireless phone base in a location other than your shipping or billing
address, please let our sales representatives know so they can help you make sure we have
coverage in that area. Unlike a traditional landline, our Phone base is not tied to a particular
location and you can move it from one location to another provided you have electrical power
and cellular coverage.

Our wireless base is not compatible with any caption phones from any brand. These phones
usually require a copper cable landline or VoIP service. Before becoming a Cathect
Communications Phone member, please check with your caption phone provider to learn what
its requirements are.

▪ Unlimited local and long-distance call
▪ Caller ID
▪ Call waiting
▪ Call forwarding
▪ 3-way calling
▪ Voicemail calling
▪ Free 911 calls

Cathect communication doesn’t bound customers in any contract.

For hassle-free payments, customers can use one of the following payments
▪ Pay online.
▪ Auto debit for recurring payments.
▪ Pay using credit/debit card over the phone
▪ Money Orders
▪ Cheque
▪ PayPal

In case of technical difficulties, customers are requested to call the helpline (1866-951-3352)
for information and the issue will be resolved within minutes without maintenance charges or
send an email to info@cathectc.com

No, there isn’t any credit check or any upfront charges for device although you have to pay first
month bill up-front if you are not an existing Cathect Communication’s customer.

Our wireless base is not compatible with landline-based home security or medical alert
systems, but it is important to note that modern alarm and medical alert systems do not
require a landline to function. If your home or any patient already relies on a phone-powered
system you will need to contact your home security and medical alert provider to upgrade your
system before becoming a Cathect Communications customer.

Cathect communication is providing a wide range of availability and Signal strength for this wireless device, if there is signal availability you can take this device there and inform us on customer services number.

Our wireless base is not compatible with any fax machine. All fax machines require an analog
connection and only work with copper cable landlines.

Unfortunately, for right now, Cathect Communications is not offering any international calls.

Yes! This device has a backup battery which gives up-to 36 hours standby time, but the wireless
device requires external power to charge it, service will not be available during a power outage
if it goes more than 36 hours.

If you are bringing a number over to us, do not cancel your current service until you’ve been
fully on boarded with Cathect Communications. When we move your number to Cathect
Communications, it will automatically cancel your service with your old provider.

Yes, The GPS chipset embedded in this device will work best if the device is located near a
window or other opening.