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EBB Lifeline Program – Are You Struggling with Income?

The US Government Is Going to Pay for Your Internet Service and Cathect Can Help You Get Connected!

Amidst the recent crises and troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have suffered irrevocable losses, including a disconnect from the internet. No doubt, in today’s hyperconnected world, if you lose web access, you are at the edge of vulnerability and loss. Let’s not forget how a huge percentage of Americans earn their livelihood by staying online. Taking into account these crucial factors, the US Government has taken a visionary initiative by introducing discounted internet under the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.


EBB Lifeline Program Get huge discount on internet Government and FCC approved program 2021 Emergency Broadband

If you are among low-income households, EBB Lifeline Program, then call us now to know more about the $50 discount on internet service!

The recently announced program aims to uplift households that have struggled with the affordability of Internet service throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As a reason for sheer joy and relief, this new policy will enable low-income families to get back on track by gaining unrestricted and unbilled Internet access. These households will now be able to connect with essential facilities such as healthcare services, e-Learning programs, virtual assistance tools, remote work opportunities and also remain in touch with their near and dear ones.

Cathect Communications is among the partnering Internet Service Providers here to assist you in the setup of an internet connection with a service that will be completely free up to the government-approved discount. All you have to do is first check your eligibility for this benefit program. You can contact the Cathect Communications EBB hotline number: 8669619941, visit our website www.cathectc.com or email us at info@cathectc.com. When you call us for a connection, our technical support team will come to your location and set up your device free of cost. Now that’s a win-win!

Grab this Amazing Offer of UNLIMITED High-speed Internet at ONLY $19 a month

Cathect Communications offers two exciting plans (with the government’s $50 support) for its valued customers. You can choose:

  1. Unlimited High-Speed Internet for ONLY $19 monthly


  1. Limited 20 GB Wireless Data for Free! (for Cell Phones and Tablets)

EBB Lifeline Program Get huge discount on internet Government and FCC approved program 2021

Figure 1 Digital Divide in America (Source: rockinst.org/blog/broadband-expansion-and-coronavirus/)

What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit and How Does it Help Low-income Households?

The program will provide eligible families with a discounted broadband service of up to $50 per month. For individuals living on tribal lands, the discount will be up to a monthly amount of $75. The new benefit also includes a generous one-time payout of $100, which can be redeemed against IT equipment purchased from selected providers given they contribute between $10 and $50 toward the total amount. The equipment can be items such as a tablet, desktop, or laptop required for connectivity. 

EBB Lifeline Program Get huge discount on internet Government and FCC approved program 2021

The New Government Stipend Will Pay for Your Computer and Internet!

For those individuals who have a low income, this is a golden opportunity to get the best deal for internet access. The discount can help with purchasing equipment as well as a monthly broadband package. Cathect Communications is among the listed service providers for Government-funded internet.

How to Know If You Qualify for the FCC lifeline program Emergency Broadband  Program?

The Emergency Broadband Benefit initiative covers a large population of Americans. Considering the resources required by people to remain connected and also the millions of Americans who are under the stress of the unaffordability of the internet, the government has listed criteria for eligible families. If the applicant is a family member that meets any of the criteria, the EBB applies to that household. Residents that are encouraged to apply are those hailing from low-income backgrounds or those who are on government support programs due to poverty. You can find out more about your eligibility by getting in touch with our support team or visiting our website www.cathectc.com.

Apply for the Benefit Through Partnering ISPs like Cathect Communications

For instant coverage, contact Cathect Communications directly to enquire about the process and get connected. After confirming your eligibility, you can get in touch with us or your local ISP and select the appropriate broadband service package within the discounted offer. Cathect Communications is registered with the US Government for providing the EBB service to all eligible customers.

Avail of a $50 Government Discount on the Internet with Cathect

In the case you are already subscribed to internet service from a provider who is not listed for EBB, you can get in touch with Cathect Communications, and we will assist you in setting up your discounted internet service. Our installation is free, and there are no up-front charges.

We will set up your device for free! No installation charges. No contracts. No commitments. No credit Checks.

It is evident that remaining offline is not an option in today’s world. There is a dire need for unrestricted connectivity now more than ever. The entire population has witnessed a devastating pandemic that has yet to come to an end. While we do wish COVID would go away, we simply cannot ignore the fact that life must go on. Having said that, Internet access is the one thing that has kept everyone safe and in control of their lives. Had it not been for the Internet, we would not have had our remote work options, long-distance video calls, sources of entertainment, or a chance at living a normal life. Everything we know is happening online, be it grocery delivery, professional work, teaching and learning, and whatnot. Unfortunately, people from low-income backgrounds have faced tremendous losses during these times. As the need to remain online for pretty much everything is now unavoidable, a discounted internet service can help less privileged families get back to their personal and professional lives.

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