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Has COVID Affected Your Work and Life? EBB Lifeline Program

A $50 Government Funded EBB Lifeline Program Discount on Internet Service Is Here!

EBB Lifeline Program Government and FCC approved program 2021

Great news for families and individuals who have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic! With remote opportunities just itching to be grabbed, your dream of staying connected at a low cost is now a reality. The US government wants to help you out by paying your internet bills. Sounds too good to be true! As a bonus, you could be among those entitled to this discounted internet service, and all you need to do is get in touch with Cathect Communications. Our government-registered Internet Service Provider is among the partnering ISPs that are offering this new service.

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EBB Lifeline Program Government and FCC approved program 2021

Grab this Discounted Offer NOW for UNLIMITED High-speed Internet

With the government’s $50 support, Cathect Communications offers you two LOW-COST plans to choose from. You can avail:

  1. Unlimited High-Speed Internet for ONLY $19 monthly


  1. Limited 10 GB Wireless Data for Free! (for Cell Phones and Tablets)

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EBB Hotline: +1 866 961 9941


Emergency Broadband EBB Lifeline Program Benefit for COVID Affected Families

The Government has recently announced a new program by the title of Emergency Broadband EBB Lifeline Program Benefit. This program aims to uplift those whose lives have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic either by loss of work, health, or ability to earn a decent and stable income.

EBB Lifeline Program Government and FCC approved program 2021

Owing to the prevalent digital divide in the United States, millions of Americans are still not online. This comes as no surprise because of the number of people who either fall below the Government mandated poverty guidelines or have suffered financial and economic losses amidst the pandemic. During such trying times, another primary reason for this could be the lack of stable income that would otherwise support a convenient internet connection. As soon as the pandemic hit, it brought with it a bundle of troublesome consequences and associated worries. Millions were affected by the virus both physically and mentally. Those who were safe from catching COVID were exposed to other losses such as no remote working options and therefore, no income during these times. Not all jobs were able to transition to online platforms or virtual working modes. This further heightened the severity of the digital divide and caused many people to lose out on opportunities to make a living. 

EBB Lifeline Program Government and FCC approved program 2021

How can you benefit from this EBB Lifeline Program?

The EBB offers a monthly $50 discount on internet service. It also includes a one-time coupon of $100 for eligible households to purchase a laptop, tablet, or desktop. People living in tribal areas can avail the discount up to $75. This is definitely the need of the hour as many people have become disconnected from the world and limitless possibilities of employment.

A Lost Job in COVID Could Get You A Discount on Internet Service

With such a discounted service, you can get back in touch with your family, friends, and professional network. You can access useful facilities such as emergency healthcare, educational programs, job boards, social media news and updates, and much more.

The broadband benefit targets low-income households and thus, those who have lost their jobs during these difficult times can now reclaim universal access by signing up with ISPs such as Cathect Communications. We offer free setup and installation. All you need to do is get in touch with our team. You can contact Cathect Communications EBB hotline number: 8669619941, visit our website www.cathectc.com or email us at info@cathectc.com

Has COVID Affected Your Work and Life? Get Back on Track with Low-cost Internet Service

If you or your family are among those who suffered a loss of some income during 2020, this is a valuable opportunity for you to get back in the game. The discount could potentially make it completely free for you to get connected and stay connected. This is evident as the Government paid amount will go directly to your service provider. In other words, you won’t be paying anything unless your internet service package costs over $50! Those who have lost jobs during COVID-19 receive food stamps or other forms of government support and who are from a low-income background are eligible to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. Not all ISPs are partnering with this program, so hurry up and contact Cathect Communications to get connected now! For our valued customers, we are a high-speed internet provider with no requests for contracts, commitments or credit checks. Simply get in touch at our website, place a call or send us an email and our team will assist you in your next steps to unlimited internet access.

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